Important To Have Fire Protection Devices Inspected Regularly

Having fire protection devices inspected regularly is imperative for the purposes of keeping premises safe from potential fire hazards. A regular inspection carried out by a fire sprinkler inspection california team ensures that the sprinkler system being looked at remains fully operational. Insurance companies are also in on this imperative. Many risk management requirements drawn up by their in-house or contracted assessors regularly state when the next inspection of the premise’s floor fire extinguishers must be inspected and/or replaced.

Outdoor fire hydrants must also be tested on a regular basis. More than enough motivation should surely have served notice to the custodian of such fire protection devices. It only takes one failure of one device to allow disaster to have its way. And where fire is concerned, disaster is particularly nasty. And that is just putting it mildly. A lot more than tangible property, equipment, fixtures and fittings could be lost or damaged. Never mind damaged reputations, lives could be lost. Depending on its fabrications, all, repeat, all sprinklers require at least one inspection per year or five-year cycle inspections.

By appointing specialist fire risk management inspection teams, each and every intricacy of the fire protection devices can be sweeped. Each part and component can be evaluated as one whole. Fire protection devices that should always be subject to regular inspections include fire hydrants, fire protection systems, water pressure pumps, water standpipes, sprinkler systems, fire hoses and fire extinguishers.  

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And it is also ideal to rely on the inspection team to replace existing fire protection devices. They may well recommend replacements, replacing old, dysfunctional systems with new and smart options. Finally, in case you didn’t know, the State Fire Marshal insists upon the recommendation of five-yearly testing cycles as well as additional tests every year.